Brightlink’s 275" 55” 4k Video wall Package - c/w 25ea 55” 1080P (4k /w Multi-Screen) Ultra Thin 1.75mm Bezel per side / 3.5mm total Video Wall Displays & 1ea 8 4k IN x 28 1080p HDMI out Modular Video Wall Controller & Wall Mounting Bracket

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Introducing our custom 5X5 4K Video Wall package including 25ea 55” 1080P (4k /w Multi-Screen) Ultra Thin 1.75mm Bezel per side / 3.5mm total, Video Wall Displays & 1ea 5x5 / 8 4k IN x 28 1080p HDMI out Modular Video Wall Controller, and 1ea 5x5 Aluminum Mounting bracket, allowing you to create an eye catching large scale 225" (diagonally) 4K display for your video content that is sure to grab the attention of any viewer.

These 5x5 4k Video Wall Systems are an ideal solution for environments that require an effective large scale medium for displaying your digital signage / video content such as Casinos, Sports Bars, Super Markets, Shopping Malls, Air Ports, Churches, Data Control Centre, Conference Rooms, and Education and Training.

Please contact us if you require custom video wall packages in different configurations.



Introducing Brightlink’s New 55” 1080P Video Wall Display with Ultra-narrow 1.75mm bezel / frame (3.5mm total with multiple displays) allowing seamless viewing when using in a multiple screen Video Wall set up.

With the Max viewing angle of up to 178 degrees you can view your video wall from nearly every angle allowing your audience to easily view your content from every corner of your space.

These Video Wall Displays are designed to seamlessly fit together in configurations from 1x2, to 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 4x4 and up, giving you a large scale, attention grabbing, medium to show your digital signage content.

When putting these 1080p displays together in a 2x2 configuration or up, you are able to display 4k (3840x2160p) content to give you an ultra sharp image. The 4k content gets divided over the 2x2 and up displays.

To distribute your 1080p or 4k source over your multi-screen configuration such as 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 4x4, etc…, you can use one of our various Video Wall Controllers to easily achieve this by plugging your one HD source into the input and connecting each of your HD displays to the HDMI outputs via HDMI cables.


  • Ultra-narrow 1.75mm bezel / frame (3.5mm total with multiple displays), enjoy seamlessly visual experience.
  • High Performance 500cd/m Brightness
  • Native resolution up to 1920×1080, viewing angle up to 178°.
  • Built-in 3D noise reduction technology
  • Embedded 3D color separation unit.
  • High reliability, support non-stop work for 24 hours, suitable to use as monitor.
  • Flicker free, less radiation, less heat release, no lead, mercury and other harmful substances.
  • Particular block design supports multiple art combination. Maximum support(15×15).
  • Low power consumption, standby <3W。
  • Integrated multi-channel video signal source, support HDMI, DVI, VGA, CVBS and USB video playback.



LCD Panel


Color temperature


Resolution (H x V) - Single Display

1920p X 1080p

Multi Scree Resolution

Up to 3840x2160@60Hz when using multiple displays (example 2x2 video wall can support 4k image)

Aspect ratio



1900-05-24 20:01

Display colors


Response time(typical)


View angle




HDMI output

1x HDMI interface input, support 1080P


1x DVI digital signal input, support 1080P


1x VGA analog signal input, support 1080P


2x video input, support NTSC, PAL & SECAM.


For software updating, HD base map function


A serial port ring out controls A, adopt 568B standard


A serial port ring out controls computer



AC Power range


Working temperature


Working humidity

10~90% RH



Power cable


Remote control


Mounting Bracket Spacers




YES, one-year warranty. During this period, if any defective happen due to manufacturing issues, Brightlink AV will offer all necessary parts free of charge.




Brightlink Multi-function Modular Matrix with built in Video Wall Controller. 4 HDMI 1080p + 2 HDMI 4k Inputs x 20 HDMI 1080p Output.

Allows you to use this sysetm as a regular matrix at the same time creating multiple video wall configurations up to 4x5 Video Wall size. f

This Modular matrix system is ideal for large-screen applications. It is a high-performance professional video image processor with pure hardware architecture and no operating system

This processor uses ultra-large-scale FPGA integrated circuits
Technology, integrating a number of unique advanced technologies,
fundamentally guarantees the full real-time processing and data
consistency of all input video sources.

The image has no delay, no discretization, no frame loss, and achieves perfect image rendering.

At the same time, the processor has super stability, can meet the
requirements of 7 * 24 hours of continuous and stable operation, and
supports the splicing of various display terminals such as LCD, LED,
DLP, etc.


  • Configured with 4 HDMI 1080p Inputs + 2 HDMI 4k Inputs x 20 HDMI 1080p Outputs Input up to 24 1080p / 5 4k inputs x 24 outputs over HDMI. Pure hardware plug-in/out design;
  • Strong system stability, support hot plug, flexible configuration, easy online maintenance and expansion;
  • Full frame rate design;
  • High-bandwidth technology to ensure full frame rate transmission of the signal and distortion-free image output;
  • Full system synchronization, no tearing and jagged image;
  • Synchronized image output, no image tearing, neat and smooth output image;
  • 4K Ultra-HD display;
  • Max resolution support 4K@30hz HDMI 1.4.;
  • Support multiple video walls with different resolutions at the same time;
  • In the case of multiple video wall applications, a device can support up to three video walls of different resolutions at the same time. Realize the sharing of input signal source among multiple video walls, economical application;
  • Scene management;
  • Support scene editing and saving and one-click switching, and support scene polling;
  • Seamless switching;
  • Broadcast level signal smooth switching effect, smooth switching process, no black spots;
  • Image cropping;
  • Crop and display any position of any signal source to realize the enlarged display that removes the black edge of the signal source or the key area of the image;
  • OSD character overlay;

You can overlay text or pictures on the signal window to clearly grasp the
signal layout and see the whole picture at a glance. Support basemap function.
There is no need to add a basemap machine, and the built-in super-resolution basemap function can store multiple super-resolution basemaps at the same time, and can perform polling display. Add subtitle function. The font color, size, and subtitle position can be arbitrarily set, and transparent subtitles are supported. And no need to add any hardware equipment. Flexible software architecture The software system adopts B / S and C / S architecture design, users can choose flexibly according to their needs.
At the same time, it can provide protocol instructions to support customers'
secondary development, so that the equipment can be more flexibly applied in various different engineering solutions. Third-party device control.
According to user needs, through custom development, control of third-party equipment, such as switching on and off of the splicing screen, matrix switching control and curtains, lighting and other environmental equipment control.

5X5 Aluminum Mounting bracket:

  • Supports 5X5 Mounting configuration on flat wall.

Product Attachment

  • BL-VW55-4K-55-5X5-PACKAGE-TV Mounting Frame Assembly (5x5 back view with 55 inch TVs)
  • Brightlink Video Wall Display Manual

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