Brightlink 24 Port Gigabit Management Ethernet Switch

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Brightlink 24 Port Gigabit Management Ethernet Switch
  • Support for 8 groups of converging, with a maximum of 8 ports in each group
  • Port mirrors supporting transceiver two-way
  • Support loop protection function, real-time detection, rapid alarm, accurate positioning, intelligent blocking, automatic recovery
  • Support downstream ports to separate from each other and communicate with the upper port
  • Support half duplex based on back pressure control
  • Support full duplex based on PAUSE frames
  • Port based input / output bandwidth management
  • Support IGMPv1/2/3 and MLDv1/2 Snooping
  • Support GMRP protocol registration
  • Support multicast address management, multicast VLAN, multicast routing port, static multicast address
  • Support DHCP Snoping
  • Support for storm suppression of unknown unicast, multicast, unknown multicast, broadcast type
  • Support for storm suppression based on bandwidth regulation and storm filtration
  • Support the user port +IP address +MAC address
  • Support ACL based on IP and MAC


The Brightlink 24 Port Gigabit Management Ethernet Switch connects Ethernet-enabled devices within your network, while incredible performance capabilities.

The 24 ports allow for a huge expansion of network capacity for consumer and corporate requirements, supplying greater bandwidth for the same small or medium enterprise.

Brightlink 24 Port Gigabit Management Ethernet Switch allows you to send HDMI signals long distances over Cat5e/Cat6 cable using IP (Internet Protocol) technology with advanced H.264 encoding.

Using IP technology with advanced H.264 encoding allows you to send your HDMI signals upto 400ft away making your project efficient and economical.

The H.264 encoding uses the most advanced compression technology available to compress your AV signal and send it over IP networks with almost no quality loss. Put side by side with uncompressed signals it is hard for the untrained eye to notice the difference.

This product supports a maxium transmission speed of one gigibit per second and connects devices on a local area network, including the ability to connect your hdmi over IP transmitters and receivers serving multiple screens over a wide area in venues such as concert halls, sporting arenas, nightclubs, malls or government buildings.

Please note that Gigabit performance can only be achieve if all of your network components connnect through the switch and capable of supporting the faster rate. I.E Your must have a router than has Gigabit speed compatability for this product to work at maxium efficiency.

The Gigabit Ethernet standard for 1 Gbps transmissions is often deployed when connecting workstations and servers. These products should only be purchased and installed by professionals, it is highly recommended your have a strong knowledge of AV equiptment or an installer to complete your set up.

Please check out our full range of HDMI over IP equipment: Here

If you’re having trouble matching up your requirements to our listings, please feel free to contact Brightlink AV for a free consultation and recommendation from our friendly and knowledgeable sales team: Here


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