The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind;
the degree of excellence of something ---  "QUALITY of LIFE"


But what denotes quality when it comes to cables?

There are a number of technical specs you can interpret to determine whether you’re getting a quality cable, and they’re there for your perusal when you browse our catalog.

But in simpler terms, Quality means sturdy construction with plenty of shielding to ensure a clean, uninterrupted signal from your source to your output device.

Even simpler? Pick up a Brightlink cable, and you’ll know right away that you’ve got a quality cable in your hand. It’s the same feeling you get when you hold a world-class PDA, phone, watch, you name it – you don’t need to be an engineer to know you’re holding quality!

However, when it comes to cables and many other consumer items, the average buyer wants to pay as little as possible. For the vast majority, quality is secondary to price. So that’s why you get your $2 cables that feel like they could splinter apart at any moment.

The sad part is, high-quality cables don’t need to cost much more than you’ll pay for the junk you’ll find in many big-box retailers. Plus, if you buy quality now, you won’t need to worry about replacing a cable later – and if you’re an installer or you’ve got a full-fledged home theater, you know how much of a pain that can be.

The Bottom Line?

Do you have a quality home theater?

Do you do quality work?

Then you’re well advised to buy quality cables.

And quality --- BrightLink!