The Hottest TV Deals for Black Friday

Looking for hot Black Friday TV deals?

The time of the year is almost here, and people are already preparing themselves for the Black Friday deals. Retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and Walmart are out with their discounts and promotions, and it's hard to keep up!

That's why we compiled this helpful guide of Black Friday TV offers you can't resist. From high-end LG smart TVs to new entrants, you will find it all here, including OLED, QLED, and 4K TVs. So let's check out what's on offer!

The Best TV Deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

70-inch RCA 4K Roku TV at Walmart for $550

Walmart and Roku had teamed up while back to offer smart 4K TVs at affordable prices. Following their promise, you can now get a 70-inch RCA 4K Roku TV from Walmart at just $550. That means you save up to $350 on your single purchase.

Roku is a new name in the 4K TV sphere and claims to be super easy to operate. You can get over 500,000 movies and TV episodes from multiple paid and free channels and also enjoy the content of Roku Channel.

Even if we can't guarantee the picture quality, owning a 70-inch 4K TV for $550 is a great deal. You can also buy other models of Roku TV at discounted prices at Walmart during Black Friday.

55-inch Vizio M-Series Quantum (M558-G1) at Best Buy for $480

The Vizio M8 series is a grand entry for our Black Friday deals. You can expect a good picture quality that has been tested and reviewed. The series offers deep black levels, good contrast, and true colors, along with a solid HD 4K performance. The TV uses the same concept of Quantum dots like Samsung to improve the color on the TV screen.

Best Buy is selling the 55-inch smart TV for $480, helping you save around $120 from the original price. Vizio M558-G1 supports smartphones and is compatible with Apple AirPlay control and Google Cast.

You may also find the M7 series at cheap prices. But don't go for them as the M7 series doesn't provide good performance.

65-inch Vizio M-Series Quantum LED (M658-G1) at Best Buy at $650

If you are not satisfied with 70-inch Roku TV and want something else, you can take a look at Vizio M658-G1. It's 10-inches bigger than the Vizio TV we discussed above and offers the same remarkable performance.

You can get the 65-inch version of the M8 Series Quantum for only $650 at Best Buy with a discount of around $150. The M658-G1 sports many features such as octa-core processor, 2160p resolution, quantum color, laptop screen mirroring, Dolby Vision, and more!

It's a great deal if you want something to adorn the walls of your living room!

65-inch LG OLED TV (65OLEDB9PUA) at Walmart for $1, 796

LG's OLED TVs have become a craze for their image quality and clarity. If you are looking to buy a Samsung OLED TV, now may be the right time! You can get the 65-inch B9 OLED TV for just $1,796 at Walmart, which originally sells for $2,499.

Walmart is selling the 2019 version of the TV that comes with extra conveniences like built-in Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2, and a variable refresh rate. The TV also sports HDMI 2.1, and Auto Game mode. You can also enjoy rich colors and sharp details, though the processing speed is on the slower side.

If you want to enjoy a better picture quality, you might consider the LG C9, albeit for a higher price.

65-inch Samsung Q70 series (QN65Q70R) at Amazon

 Samsung is another name that comes up during Black Friday! The company is known to sell its products for deep discounts, and things are no different this year. Out of the many QLED TVs, we have picked the 65-inch Samsung Q70 for its price and performance.

You can enjoy full-array local dimming, which improves image quality to a great extent. The Q70 is also the cheapest of the lot!

Other brands may come close to Samsung in performance but lacks in design and quality. If you are thinking of buying a Samsung QLED TV and waiting for a discount, this Black Friday should be your perfect opportunity!

55-inch Sony OLED TV (XBR-55A8G) at Amazon for $1,498

You can't think of TVs and not take the name of Sony! This Black Friday, you can bring home the Sony OLED 55A8G for only $1,498 from Amazon, saving around $800.

You can always expect a stellar performance from Sony, and the 55-inch 55A8G doesn't disappoint you. It does cost a bit more than Samsung or LG, but then you have the pride of owning a Sony!

Among the perks, you get an amazing picture quality, perfect contrast and black levels, and excellent colors. The viewing angles, dimming precision, and motion handling are also commendable. You can compare it to LG B9 OLED in terms of performance and picture quality.

If there is any drawback, the native sound system is not so great.

Onn 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Roku TV at Walmart for $148

A 50-inch TV at just $148?

It may be hard to believe, but Walmart is selling the 50-inch 4K Roku TV for just $148, helping you save more than $100. The Onn brand is developed by Roku, and along with Walmart, they are selling 4K TVs at low prices. The TV hasn't been reviewed by trusted sources yet, so the picture quality cannot be commented upon.

But if you want a cheap smart TV that plays 4K content, the Onn Roku may be the best deal.

If you want more deals on Black Friday, stay tuned for more updates.


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