The Crestron Mercury X: Another Crestron Marvel?

Recently at Infocomm 2019, the global leader in workplace technological solutions, Crestron announced a new installment of Crestron Mercury series named Mercury X.

It grabbed the attention of many, due to its ability to get connected to the front of any room with a Single Cable and can run native software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom rooms and BOYD.

It was also clarified that Mercury X and all other Crestron Mercury models will get the latest UI for simpler user experience.

Crestron Mercury Series

According to Crestron official website, Crestron Mercury is a one-stop all-in-one tabletop solution with UC and AV that support any web collaboration application. Mercury helps people to work together regardless of location or conferencing application.

 Crestron Mercury X

Features of Crestron Mercury in a nutshell

  • Full open SIP conference
  • Room scheduling and one-touch joins
  • Bluetooth audio pairs with mobile phones
  • High visibility mute indicator
  • Support for any web collaboration application
  • Built-in AirMedia for wireless presentation
  • Unbelievable microphone and speaker quality
  • Enterprise provisioning and management
  • On-screen room availability and meeting details
  • Built-in occupancy sensor for usage data and automation



The built-in AirMedia enables wireless presentation through your laptop, Mobile or tablet on to your room display with a secured network. You can simply connect directly through HDMI cable.


With the HD sound enabled and microphone activated, you get a feeling that everyone is the same room. Calling and audio conference never got this better with the help of Bluetooth.



All the major conferencing software or applications are enabled in Mercury such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for business, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Slack, Bluejeans, or Zoom. It makes collaboration more comfortable and professional.



Not only a facilitator of the meetings, but Mercury also acts as a great manager in scheduling meetings with automated room occupancy sensing, one-touch room reservation, and many more features.



With direct integration of Mercury with Microsoft Exchange and Crestron Fusion, room scheduling becomes easy. The built-in graphics display of the calendar and simple instructions to start a meeting makes things even better.


How Crestron Mercury helps you in your business?

Video calling and Audio conferences:

Large HD color touch screen makes video and audio calling hassle free. It has full featured VoIP conferencing speakerphone. Easily connect with your laptop or mobile via  Bluetooth to join a call or make a new one.

You can connect your laptop via USB with enhanced audio performance for any softphone or audio conferencing software running on your laptop. Native Skype for Business VoIP supports one touch facility to join your Skype business calls or a scheduled one.

Video conferencing is enabled simply by connecting a Laptop which has native conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for business, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Slack, Bluejeans, or Zoom.

With inbuilt camera and USB connection, all participants would have enhanced bidirectional audio along with an HD view of the whole room through the camera.

You can also connect your laptop through HDMI cable which allows the whole room to view far-end content and camera.


BYOD multimedia presentation

High Definition video presentation from all types of BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) presentation can be done by connecting a display device to the Crestron Mercury console. Built-in AirMedia 2.0 technology enables the wireless presentation of content from mobile, laptop or a tablet via the room's WiFi network.

Any AV source can be plugged via HDMI to present full motion HD video content on the room display. Crestron Mercury is like a Bluetooth or a USB audio class device making to be used as a speaker or mic for all times of multimedia applications.


Room Scheduling Integration

Have a seamless room scheduling and automation for any number of rooms with the help of Crestron Mercury, which integrates easily with Microsoft Exchange and Crestron Fusion. All the details of the scheduled meetings, conferences, making changes to the meetings becomes an easy task with the inbuilt calendar application.

With the help of Crestron PinPoint App, locating and reserving any room available for meetings becomes less cumbersome.


Occupancy sensing

With the help of infrared, the presence of any member can be easily detected. Voice activation enables to sense room's occupied status to be known.

Crestron Mercury thus works as an IOT device, communicating with the surroundings to enable smooth functioning of meetings. It will also enable to power down the systems when no people are detected after they leave the meeting room.


Network Management and Security

Crestron Mercury can be integrated with any type of business, any sized corporate, university, medical, military, or a government facility. Devices can be individually modified using a web browser or a computer or in batches using the Crestron Deployment Tool for Powershell.

Crestron Fusion or XiO cloud management facilitate monitoring and logging of rooms and equipment usage. Centralized desk support is there as well. The functionality and flexibility provided by Crestron Mercury are unmatched.


Superior sound quality

Crestron Mercury's advanced design provides natural conversations with exceptional audio pickup and fidelity. Its integrated 360° quad microphone clearly captures every voice from every seat of the table. It's full range advanced speaker facilitate rich and audible sound from both voice and presentation material. Wideband audio codec supports full bidirectional voice communication.



Crestron mercury is the most affordable tabletop console out there in the market with a wide range of models and add-ons helping the specific needs of different businesses. Models such as CCS-UC-1AV W/PS, CCS-UC-1 W/PS, and CCS-UC-1AV PLUS are the most popular models in Mercury series.


Final thoughts

As the digitization and automation taking center stage in the business strategies and with the advent of Internet Of Things(IoT) the more time and money is being spent on the problem solving and time-saving technologies. Crestron Mercury X not only solves your problems of scheduling meetings but helps you in moving forward with an enhanced automated system for your business conference management.


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