Possible Sighting Of Google Pixel 4 In London Train

The Google Pixel is no stranger to controversies, whether it be the display problem on the Pixel 2 Xl or a screen that wasn’t up to the expectations for many. The Google flagship runs stock Android OS and is among the faster Android devices out there.

With the Google Pixel 4 launching soon – possibly as soon as October – we do have a good few leaks coming out. And one of them suggest that we may have already seen the Pixel 4 – in the London Tube!

How Will it Look Like?

The Pixel 4 is thought to launch around the same date as the one before, during the company's Made by Google event, this October. However, nothing has been confirmed yet, including its pricing, though we do think it will set you back by a minimum of $900 or more.

Since January 2019, the rumours have been growing. It all started when Google filed a patent showing an all-screen design and a two-tone rear.

With a Google employee talking about the Pixel 4 name on an Android Open Source Project code change, speculation started that pre-production units are already being tested.

Some believe that the Google Pixel won't have any physical buttons. Instead of this, it will have capacitive controls.

Then, there were leaks showing the radical new camera design at the back. It eventually lead to Google tweeting a press render about the device from the official Made By Google account – perhaps because the company saw that the device images were out there already.

The render shows the anticipated square camera in the top left the corner with two camera lenses - and what seems to be the third sensor. They didn't show the front of the device, but we got to see the "G" logo at the bottom.

And then two days later, someone spotted an actual Google Pixel 4 was spotted being used on a London train. The account, called 9to5Google, sent pictures of what seems to be the Pixel 4 out on the streets. 

The picture shows a man holding the device, with the same square camera array as Google has just confirmed in its latest post. It should be noted that the Pixel 4’s design is unique, with no other smartphone having a similar one yet. We do have the likes of the Huawei P30 Pro sporting as many as five cameras, and 50x zoom, but they are lined up differently. 

These pictures lead us to believe this device is already out and about, and the official release closer than ever.

What’s New?

A couple of days later, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL dimension were leaked. According to the @OnLeaks account, Pixel 4 has a display between 5.6 inches and 5.8 inches, and it measures around 147 x 68.9 x 9.3 mm, including the camera bump. Meanwhile, the Pixel 4 XL, measures around 160.4 x 72.2 x 9.3 mm. 

On July 22, Ice Universe tweeted some pictures where you see some screen panels claiming to be made for the Pixel 4 and 4XL, Based on this pictures we can all imagine that it will have multiple sensors, due to the several holes we can see on the display.

Now, we all have to sit down and wait until Google finally releases this new tech piece.

What Does This Mean For The Phone Industry?

A lot of critics had said that Google isn't being serious about this hardware business, mainly because they have invested time and money into building these devices, but they haven't accompanied them with the distribution and marketing they need to become a challenge for others truly.

However, if we think about it, to said that Pixel is not relevant just because it isn't selling in large quantities can be considered naive. Google knows what it's doing, thanks to that, Pixel phones are influential beyond the number of people who have one.

Companies like Apple or Samsung can no longer claim to have the best phone camera, the first two Pixel generations destroyed everything we thought were good about other devices when we took a look at those lenses. It was revolutionary,

Google's Pixel also is the representation of the vision this company has for the ultimate and optimal Android user experience, and this is what makes it relevant to the whole market.

Also, besides Apple, Google is the only company that actually controls the design of both the hardware and the operating system of its device. 


This was something that Apple had over everybody else, until Google Pixel.

With all the characteristics of the Google Pixel's and the upcoming update, Pixel 4 and 4 XL, Google is demonstrating that it isn't trying to make money out of this business, the phone business, but  it's working to keep its reputation as a technological leader, demonstrating one more time how thing can be made to be great, not just famous.

This is why so many people agreed that Pixel is the only Android phone that can be Apple's iPhone real rival.

So. Should You Buy the Google Pixel 4?

Now, Pixel rumours have been going on since forever. Every time Google launches something new, we compare it to the other flagships. However, where Google has scored with its Pixel series is its price point and how it has used stock Android to its advantage.

It is easy to build a device. Many glass covered piece of hardware use the Google operating system but few can compete with Apple.

Google has introduced differentiating factors and proprietary software like Google's HDR+ camera system and actually intelligent call screening, taking everything to the next possible level. Building the perfect phone, for the complete OS, and here is where the future lays,


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