Checkout the TV’s That Top Netflix’s Recommended TV List

We all love binge watching shows and movies on Netflix. To make your experience more cinematic and wonderful, Netflix releases its recommended TV list every year. You would have noticed that some TV sets were branded as Netflix Recommended in your nearest electronics store. It is a matter of pride to be included in the list. 

How to make it to the list?

To make it into the list, you have to fulfill five of Netflix’s seven requirements. According to Netflix, they test the TV’s performance and ease of use. Let’s take a look at the criteria:

1. Fast app launch

Whether you are watching some channel on the television or another app, it should quickly switch to Netflix on giving the command. 

2. Easy Netflix icon access 

One should be able to find the Netflix icon easily on the TV screen. 

3. Instant on TV

When you switch on the TV, it wakes up immediately and should remember where you left. 

4. Deployment of Always Fresh feature from Netflix

The TV should make updates of all the latest TV shows and movies on Netflix.

5. Netflix button on remote

The remote should have a button for turning on the TV and Netflix.

6. An updated version of Netflix

The brand must make sure that the television set has the latest version of Netflix while selling.

7. High-resolution Netflix interface

The TV should display clear and sharp images for a fulfilling viewing experience. 


Last year, television sets from LG and Samsung made it to the list, and this year, the honor goes to latest releases from Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung. 

*drum rolls please* Here is the recommended list of TVs by Netflix for 2019:

1. Panasonic - GX900, GX800, and GX700

2. Samsung - The Frame, RU8000, Q90R, Q900R, Q70R, Q80R, Q60R, and The Serif

3. Sony - Bravia X95G/XG95, A9G/AG9, and X85G/XG85

The list that Netflix released is not limited to just the United States, but a global one is covering different TV sets launched across the globe. Some of the TVs haven’t been launched yet but will be released in the next few months. It is a wonderful list released by Netflix as it helps buyers make an informed decision. They will no longer be affected by sales gimmicks because they already know which TV set they should purchase. 

All three brands are known for their superior quality, so they have a long product life and is worth the money you invest. You might come across several TVs that have remotes with the Netflix button, but they aren’t Netflix Recommended because it is just one of the many criteria that we just mentioned in the article. 

Doesn’t cover TV performance

This list only has to do with the app experience and making your way to the content but doesn’t inform how the TV will perform after you play any TV shows or movies. With the variety of shows available ranging from 4K to HDR, it is impossible to say which TV is the better choice. Maybe in next year’s list we will see more criteria added that cover TV performance and viewing experience.

Top 2019 TV shows and movies to watch 

Netflix has a lot in store for you for the second half of 2019 with the last season of Orange is the New Black and new seasons of Queer Eye and Stranger Things. While Netflix releases new shows and movies every month, there are a few classics that you must watch. Some of our favorite movies that you should give a try include Chasing Amy, Blood Diamond, and The Immigrant. These movies will be leaving Netflix in July, so hurry up before you miss the chance. 

Top picks for a young audience

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events - A TV series that tracks the adventures of three orphaned children of the Baudelaire family. 

2. Pinky Malinky - We aren’t lying when we say that this show will become your child’s favorite in no time. 

Stand-up comedy shows that must not miss

1. Comedians of The World - It is a show that features different comedians from across the globe. It gives you a wide perspective of current events from a different hilarious angle. 

2. Mr. Iglesias - Gabriel Iglesias reprises the role of a high school teacher, who is intelligent but still doesn’t fit into the norm.

Best period dramas to watch

1. The Beguiled - The story follows a wounded Civil War soldier who finds refuge in an all-women household to recover from his injuries. It is filled with drama, something that we absolutely love. 

2. When They See Us - Set in 1989, the series is based on a true story. Five teens from Harlem are captured and then falsely accused of an attack in Central Park. 

Binge watch these sci-fi series 

1. Dark - It might be the most disturbing sci-fi series, but we love it so much. In this TV series, a child goes missing, and four families come together to find him but end up revealing a number of dirty secrets. 

2. The OA - Everyone who is into sci-fi is going to love The OA. It is all about multiple dimensions and finding your purpose in life.

Netflix also released a number of interesting movies including Murder Mystery, Always Be My Maybe, Chopsticks, I Am Mother, and Oh Romana, which you should include in your Netflix bucket list.


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