New Crestron TSR-310 Remote Is The Best Remote Control Ever

The new Crestron TSR-310 Remote is all about user experience and is already famous among tech lovers. The handheld touch screen remote is made specifically for the HomeAV market and integrates with the Crestron Home operating system, giving a whole new charm to your entertainment experience. Remote controls from URC, Control4, and Savant look primitive when compared with this beautiful piece of technology. It costs $1,000, which makes it more expensive than its competitors.

Array of exclusive, state-of-the-art features

Integrators were successful in reducing the deployment time because the remote already comes with Crestron Pyng OS 2 update. Let’s a look at the amazing features you can play with when you purchase the remote:

Crestron TSR-310 Remote 

1. Integrated AV control with climate control, lighting, and shades

You can use this feature to set a nice soothing mood if you are feeling romantic or turn them all up for a football party.

2. Voice control

All you have to do is activate voice control is to press the button in the center of the touchscreen remote. It doesn’t use up the battery and is a super convenient way to control different settings. Our experts tested it while watching a movie to check the feature and were surprised to find that despite all the sound around it, the remote picked the words correctly. You can say that voice control is more powerful than Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

3.  WiFi connectivity

TSR-310 needs a WiFi connection, so you might think that it would take instructions a few minutes late. But that doesn’t happen at all! It is the coolest thing about this device. The remote connects to WiFi in just a second and plays instruction just as you are rolling words out of your mouth. If there are any connectivity issues, the users get notified immediately. Even if the remote disconnects, it reconnects in just a second that you won’t even realize it got disconnected in the first place.

4. Light and movement detection

One of the favorite features of TSR-310 is light and movement detection. It makes your whole user experience surreal and gives a futuristic feel to your house. When you lift it up, the remote and buttons switch on automatically. It is convenient when you are watching a movie in the dark. You don’t need to switch on the flashlight of your phone as the backlight of the buttons will help you while making adjustments. Another thing we love about this particular feature is that the touchscreen remains dark and doesn’t blind you until you tap on it. You prevent yourself from ruining the viewing experience for others around you.

5. Stable charging base

TSR-310 has a secure charging dock that ensures it is in place. Our tech guys pushed it off the table to see if the dock and remote separate but they didn’t. If you have pets at home or kids who love touching things they should, this is remote you should choose. It operates for 5.5 hours between two complete charges, which makes it more efficient than other programmable remotes.

6. Easy to handle

Its functionality and usability is what makes TSR-310 from other smart home remote control devices. The smooth, matte black feels velvety soft in your hands. It is small and thin, so you can maneuver it easily, even if you have small hands. The remote is wider than an average remote but smaller, so it more comfortable to use. Once you are done makes changes to the setting, it effortlessly slides through your hand and lands on the side table.

How similar is it to HR-310?

We love the clicking sound buttons of the Crestron remotes make. But we are sad that they removed the green, red, and blue buttons that were there in the earlier version. HR-310 didn’t have a touchscreen but TSR-310 does. It also makes us sad to tell you that Crestron forgot to bring some of the classiest features of HR-310 like the nine customizable buttons.

Why you should choose this remote and not others?

The TSR-310 remote by Crestron is designed to control all features of your house including audio, lighting, television, and blinds. We tried the remote to check how many devices can it handle at once. It did better than our expectations and didn’t have any trouble in handling 150 elements at once. This is your answer for the question -- why you should choose this remote and not others. The manufacturer has done a great job in making the remote super fast. Also, the LED display doesn’t suck all the battery.

Why is this remote our favorite?

 It looks great, it feels great, and it works great. These three reasons are enough to fall in love with this futuristic remote control. It costs slightly lower than Crestron’s previous models and even though $1,000 sounds like a lot, the list of things it can do justifies it. Another reason that makes this device our favorite is that is sleeker than other average remote controls available in the market.

These tiny additions to the new model make it unique. For example, the raised pause button helps you memorize where the button arrangement, so you don’t need to search in the dark. Crestron’s investment in button mapping and a new layout has made it great purchase. The LED color display is big enough for you to easily read the room temperature and select between different apps to play on your TV. Overall, the interface is very similar to that of iOS devices. The familiarity helps you in navigating your way around.

We all need a remote control to switch off the lights and adjust room temperature. The world is moving towards a more relaxed lifestyle. Why should you delay becoming a part of it?


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