How to Connect a PS2 to a VGA Monitor?

How do you connect a PS2 to a VGA monitor?

Many of us still have an old VGA computer monitor in our homes. Connecting your PS2 to your VGA monitor can be a good way to enjoy those classic games. The process of setting up your PS2 with your computer monitor may seem simple. You just need a cable to plug into the ends of both devices, right?

The actual process of connecting your PS2 to a VGA monitor is not that straightforward. PS2 and your old computer monitor don’t share the same video formats. Nor do you have a single cable to connect them both to play your games.

You will need a few things to enjoy PS2 games on your VGA monitor. Let’s explore how you can set up the two with minimum hassle.

What You Will Need

You need a few things to connect your PS2 to a desktop monitor successfully. Here are the options you have got:

Switch Box or Converter

A switch box is an easy way to play PS2 on your PC monitor. This box can convert the video signal coming from your PS2 to match VGA. Additionally, switch boxes support audio transfer between PS2 and speakers since VGA monitors don’t have one.

Active Analog Video Converter

You can get active analog converters to pass on your PS2 signal to your monitor. The analog converter should have the input for component video and output to accommodate your VGA cable. You will also need a power source as the device needs external electricity to work.

Passive converters are also available but may not always work. So, it’s better to go for an active analog converter.

TV Tuner Box

A TV tuner box can be an easy way to connect your PS2 to your VGA monitor. TV tuner cards come with video input that supports analog signals of PS2. You also have a VGA output to support your old display.

Additionally, TV tuner boxes may also support external speakers.

Note: Make sure your TV tuner box has a VGA output. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this method.

You will need to arrange for any one of the above devices to sync your PS2 and VGA monitor. Also, keep in mind that analog converters don’t generally have an audio input.

The following items are a must no matter you choose a switch box, converter, or TV tuner.

Component Cable

You will need a component cable to connect your PS2 and VGA monitor. A component cable or an audio/video cable has multiple colored connectors at one end. It carries the analog signal from your PS2 to the converter or switch box.

PS2s don’t have a component cable by default. You will need to purchase a component cable separately.

VGA Cable

Your VGA monitor should have its VGA cable to connect to the switch box or converter. If not, you will need to buy a VGA cable to hook up the two systems.

3.5mm Audio Cable

You will require two 3.5mm audio cables to link your PS2 to the converter and your speakers. Some of us may even find spare 3.5mm cables lying in our house. Else, you can easily get them online or in your local audio/video equipment store.

Next, we will learn to set up your PS2 and VGA monitor to have a great gaming experience.

How to Hook Up Your PS2 to a VGA Monitor?

Here are the steps to enjoy PS2 games on your VGA display:

Connect Component Cable

The first step is to connect the component cable between your PS2 and the converter, switch box, or TV tuner. Match the colored ends of the cable with the colored inputs on your switch box or converter. Connect the other end of the component cable to the PS2 video output.

Your switch box, converter, or TV tuner will also need an external power source.

Connect VGA Cable

The next thing to do is to set up your VGA cable. This step is really simple.

Just connect one end of the VGA cable to your monitor and the other to the switch box, converter, or TV tuner. Secure the connection by tightening the screws on both sides of the VGA connectors.

Connect Audio Cables

Connect one 3.5mm audio cable between your PS2 audio output and switch box audio input. Connect the other audio cable between the switch box audio output and your speakers.

You can follow the same process to connect your TV tuner box audio output to PS2 and your speakers.

Power On Your Systems

Now, switch on your monitor, PS2, and speakers. You may need to change your PS2 configuration to sync with your VGA monitor.

Go to your System Configuration in PS2 menu and choose the Component Video Out option. Next, select Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr if your component cable has five colored ends. If not, choose the Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr RGB option.

You may also need to select the screen size or aspect ratio to match your VGA monitor.

Enjoy Your Games

Now, load your discs on your PS2 and test the connection. Check out the picture quality and the sound output. If all is well, you can begin your gaming journey without any more delay.

What if I Don’t Get Any Picture?

Some of you may see muffled images on your VGA monitor or absolutely nothing. If that’s the case, you need to step back and check your PS2 settings. Maybe you have chosen the wrong connection type under Component Video Out.

As a tip, people in America may use the Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr option for their component cables. People in Europe generally find the RGB option effective as they use RGB audio/video cables.

Final Thoughts

Use our instructions to connect your PS2 to your VGA monitor. Arrange your cables and get a converter or switch box that supports VGA output. You can also go for a VGA TV tuner box. Next, hook up your cables, connect your speakers, and start the gaming fun!

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