Crestron’s FT2 Series Flip Tops – Making Your Presentations Even Better

Looking to get that extra something in your next business meeting?

The new Crestron FT2 Series Flip Tops will revolutionize the media presentation experience, according to the workplace technology company. The new FT2 Series Flip Tops were presented at the 2019 Integrated Systems Event (ISE) at the RAI in Amsterdam, the largest AV and system integration show in the world celebrated February 2-8th.

Crestron’s FT2 Series Flip Tops promise to put an end presentation anxiety. You can expect the same high standards and high-quality finishing that the brand is known for. No gaps or screws, easy installation and concealed cables are all qualities that Crestron is known for and that you can also expect from the new Flip Tops.

The first generation of Crestron Flip Tops has been around since almost 5 years ago and set a standard for better organizing connections in the workplace. The FT2 series elevates the media presentation experience by adding several new, modern features that have become a necessity as technology continues to evolve.


What is new?

A one-touch, soft and silent gate that retracts and disappears at the touch of a button. Touch to open and connect your devices conveniently at table-top level. Close to keep all connections concealed.

Highly visible backlit buttons with their respective symbols to make it easy to find what you are looking for when the presentation room is dark. Backlighting is only available in active Flip Tops.

Faster installation. The new Flip Tops fit pretty much any standard cutout in conference room tables, podiums and stands. They also fit in the cutouts for FT-600 for a simple and fast upgrade from first generation Flip Tops. These will simply swivel into place and stay in place with a clamping mechanism. Once installed, they sit smoothly and discreetly on the surface of the table until touched to open.

One-touch cable retraction to eliminate the annoying cable clutters on the table, supporting cables as long as five or three inches, depending on the model of Flip Top.

Additional power options such as a 40W fast-charging USB-C and USB-A power jacks.

Smooth and modern design in two colors, alloy or black, with no visible gaps or screws on the surface.

Choose from a Range of sizes

The new Flip Tops come in 5 different sizes with different configurations to fit your every need: FT2-202, FT2-500, FT2-700, FT2-1,200 and the FT2-1,400. Each offering a different combination of jacks and connections.

The largest design, the FT2-1,400, has two on-touch sliding gates that conceal an outstanding 20 spots that you will be able to mix and match in the online configuration tool offered by Crestron on their web page.

Flexible Configuration to fit your every need

You can use the online configuration tool to customize your Flip Top to your presentation needs. With this tool, you will be able to pick and choose which types of outlets and connectors you need. For example, if you are purchasing a FT2-202, you can choose a combination of three AC power outlets or one AC power outlet, one pass through cable retractor, and two USB-C ports.

To configure your Flip Top, you will first pick one of the previously mentioned sizes and color finishing. Then, you can decide between an active or passive connectivity.

Passive Flip Tops are the standard option, they support AC power, basic pass-through cables, flush-mount connections in keystone plates and vertical gravity retraction. These are great for budget-friendly solution that does not compromise cable management or connectivity.

Active Flip Tops support USB-C charging ports, one-touch or vertical gravity retraction, all active 4K connector plates and backlit buttons for your convenience. These are a better choice if you need to use powered accessories during your presentation other than your AC outlets.

You can also choose to embed international power outlets, this option is available in both passive and active Flip Tops.

Accessories such as shelves, shrouds, mounts and cables can also be added when configuring your Flip Top. All of Crestron products integrate to work together perfectly.

There are three types of retraction to choose from: pass through cables, gravity-assisted vertical retraction or on-touch retraction.

The pass through cables, in which cables can be smoothly pulled through to use and pushed back to close the Flip Top. These only take up one spot in the Flip Top and can be supported in both active and passive.

The vertical gravity retractors, which can also be supported in both active and passive Flip Tops.

The gravity assisted track and pulley mechanism allows you to pull the cable for use and retract by holding it vertically upwards to retract. These retractors take up two slots in the Flip Tops.

Lastly, the one-touch retractors also require two spots and can be supported only in the active Flip Tops, are electrically powered and allow a 5-inch cable to be pulled smoothly to use and retracted by a spring mechanism.

You will also be able to choose between keystone connector plates or active connector plates. The former being available for passive Flip Tops, and the latter is available only for active Flip Tops and supports 4K. Each takes up only one spot.

About Crestron

Crestron is a workplace technology company that builds technology to integrate technology. All of their products are well-thought to work together and integrate perfectly in order to make your work and home life easier and controllable at the push of a button. The idea is that all connected devices are controlled directly and comfortably from one platform.

With headquarters in New Jersey and several offices throughout the Unites States, Crestron also has more than 90 fully staffed offices in Latin America, Asia, Canada, Europe and Australia. Besides sales, Crestron offices around the world also provide technical support and training.

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