Crestron Announced Updates for Crestron Control App for Zoom & Others

Crestron Electronics has gained popularity over the years for its room control and automation solutions. Now, it has developed more advanced and innovative offerings to deliver trustworthy and convenient control for every type of space. The aim is to combine all the protocols and technologies into a unified system and ensure compatibility with different room setups, HDMI matrix sets and equipment vendors. Thus, it will help build an efficient experience in rooms as well as across campuses. 

In addition, Crestron has introduced a Control App for Zoom Room Software with unique features to deliver a dependable and simplified experience to all users. Not to mention, Crestron Virtual Control and Crestron Construct Software have also been developed to offer seamless installations for professional users. 

Lauren Simmen, the director of Product Marketing of Crestron Electronics, stated, “Creston has a decades-long legacy in the control space, which remains at the heart of any technology ecosystem. Being a trusted provider, our solutions have evolved over the years to meet the current needs of our customers and to anticipate any challenges that might arise.” He also added Crestron Control and HDMI Extenders/Transmitters can steadily streamline and improve automation, whether at home, on campuses, in corporations, or for other things. Thus, with these recent control updates in various solutions, we say that Crestron is dedicated to advancing this field.

Introducing the Crestron Control App for Zoom Room Software 


Before Crestron Control for Zoom Rooms Software came into the market, there were many instances where Zoom Rooms video conferencing had to be managed independently from other devices within the space. One was used as collaborating software, while the other maintained things like shades, lighting, climate control, and other AV-required solutions to run hybrid meetings. 


According to the company, users can now integrate Crestron Control with videoconferencing systems to enhance their capabilities using the Crestron Control App for Zoom Rooms Software. Thus, with Zoom Room Software, you can control everything, including lighting, shades, HDMI over Fiber and AV solutions and peripherals, under a single user interface. Not to mention, everything will be done in a secure, efficient, and intelligent way.  

In addition, this Crestron Control App is highly flexible, and you can easily scale your system by incorporating new applications according to your requirements. According to the company, the Crestron Control App for Zoom Room will be a supplementary application that users download on Zoom App Marketplace; thus, it is basically the integration of Crestron Control with Zoom Room’s advanced features. 


A Crestron VC-4 can be compatible with either Crestron 3-series or 4-series processors and hardware processors to support Zoom Rooms Software installs to utilize Crestron Control Apps. However, dealers are still allowed to design and regulate custom user interfaces to fulfill the project requirements.

VC-4 Virtual Control & Crestron Construct UI Editing Software 


Crestron published its Virtual Control VC-4 software solutions for IT teams. According to the software developers, users can easily design and set up a room's UC, AV, and control solutions by swiftly saving and automating the settings. Thus, the development of this software appears simple and convenient, focusing on medium to large-scale projects to meet all the tight deadlines.

Crestron Contruct, published last year, has been enhanced to deliver unique features. Thanks to its drag-and-drop UI editing tool, it aims to make programming convenient and simple for manufacturers. Another notable establishment is the addition of support for authorization tokens. With that, it will eliminate the need for additional login into the system whenever you want to launch any project securely. Moreover, you can manage multiple devices and wireless HDMI extenders in one project thanks to its integration of multi-resolution support.


As they stated, these updates will simplify managing multiple devices, thus boosting overall efficiency. In addition, they will result in better performance on Crestron touch screens during initial launches.

Advantages of using Crestron Control Zoom Room Software 


  • The Crestron Control Zoom Room software provides users with a visually appealing and intriguing control system that will perform all functions of the meeting space. Even if you don’t have much experience with technology, you can still learn to operate it efficiently.


  • Crestron Control Solutions and wireless HDMI 4k transmitters and receivers will help you improve the scalability of your Zoom Room Software by allowing your organization to grow from a single-room setup to a multi-room or campus across installations. 


  • It is highly flexible software that satisfies all types of business requirements. Whether you require software or hardware-based solutions or want to add other applications, this highly functional and consistent solution can accommodate them all.


  • This Crestron Control Room Software is highly secure. When you integrate Zoom Room appliances with Crestron Control Processors, the Crestron security protocol will be activated to maintain enterprise-level security authentication.  


  • The Crestron Control for Zoom Room Software provides users a streamlined experience by integrating seamlessly with the whole Crestron ecosystem. It includes Crestron touch screens, conferencing and presentation systems with Flex and Air Media wireless presentation, audio amps, lighting, speakers, processors and many more. 


  • You can design and regulate user interfaces using Crestron HTML 5 (CH5), Crestron Construct and the AV framework (upcoming). And once you create this universal interface, you can use it across multiple spaces to boost your enterprise. 

Crestron for Zoom Room Software appears to be a robust and trustworthy solution. Since its first launch into the market, Crestron has worked efficiently and ensured smooth performance along with HDMI Over IP Matrix. With around 50 years of experience in the control and automation market and maintaining quality control measures and testing, Crestron guarantees high-class performance and durability.

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