Your Holiday Guide For the Best Projectors Of 2019

It is that time of the year when families get together, friends come over, and loved ones look forward to spending long weekends together. An absolute bliss- Holiday Season it is. Are you all geared to host your guests? Have you decided on the menu for Christmas Eve?

How about watching your favorite holiday movie or Series on a big screen- a large white wall? How about having an amazing magnified gaming experience with your friends? Want to take your loved ones through the memory lanes of gone years? How about projecting your precious photographs or slides from your smartphone onto a 100-inch plus screen? In all these cases a home cinema projector should be the best Christmas Gift to bring home.

TVs are great at delivering 4K HDR contents but why not spend a few dollars more and bring home a projector providing similar output but on a more magnified scale? And for a grand visual experience, a projector is your ultimate solution. Many AV enthusiasts, no matter how badly they want to liven up their living rooms, hesitate to make the final move.

Some, for instance, believe that projectors are hard to install and maintain and cost way more than their smart TVs.

Here is what you are getting wrong - current day home projectors are easy to install, low on maintenance and don’t cost a fortune.

Allow us to help you choose a projector that sticks around in your home for a while.  


1.      LG CineBeam HU80KSW 4K projector (2019)

A high-quality projector offering crisp 4K HDR picture, LG CineBeam is a one-stop solution for you. Compared to your Smart TV it is more compact and is a complete package delivering high quality and service. This portable projector comes with built-in speakers and power plugs and it is easy to move around the house.

With external physical ports, it is well designed and equipped to stream media from any of your Apps. The model boasts about lasting for 20,000 hours before the image starts to degrade and comes with 2500 lumens brightness, Harman Kardon built-in speakers. Take a look at it here.

 2.      LG CineBeam HU85LA (2019)

If space is a constraint and sleek design is your weakness, LG CineBeam HU85LA must be your first choice.

An ultra-short throw projector capable of a magnified display from only inches away will be a great addition to your otherwise less lively living room. You may put it on your living room carpet, set it on a coffee table, or install it on the ceiling wall, it won’t disappoint you.

At 2.2 inches away, the projector promises to deliver a 90-inch screen size, while at 7.2 inches, a 120-inch projection. This one’s expensive, but if you don’t like the crowded movie hall expenses, this is where you need to go to. Check it out here.

 3.      BenQ HT3550 (2019)

Compared to its predecessor, BenQ HT3550 comes with great features and upgradations in terms of contrast ratio. With a beautiful appearance, the projector supports HDR 10 and HGL and can zoom up to 1.3 times.

If that’s not impressive enough, look at this- the projector claims to support a screen size of 120 inches with a brightness of up to 2000 lumens. Adding to that, unlike its predecessor, this projector comes with a 30,000:1 contrast ratio resulting in clear and superb picture quality.

Find out more about this projector here.

 4.      Anker Nebula Capsule II (2019)

Weighing less than a kilogram, here we have a portable projector that you might have been waiting for. It cannot get any better than Anker Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector in this segment. Though it cannot be compared to the premium 4K HDR models listed here, do not let this tiny projector of the size of a Pepsi-Can fool you.

This tiny capsule Measuring 3.15 x 3.15 x 5.9 inches offers a 720p HD resolution and great audio output. Surprisingly given its size, it comes with a full sized HDMI port, USB port and USB –C charging port.

For a 2.5 hour charge, it promises three hours of video playback or 30 hours if you use it as a speaker. If portability and quality display are your priorities, it is a great buy for sure.

 5.      Anker Prizm II (2019)

We have saved the cheapest one on the list for the last. Yeah, you read it right. The cheapest one in the lot, you will be pressed hard to think of other options. Compared to other Anker’s projectors, PrizmII is slightly on the bulkier side but very easy to angle its projection.

It manages to retain quality by offering a 1080p quality display from 3m distance even, which is decent for those who haven’t stepped up to 4K yet. And if it is placed closer, the display will definitely get better.

As a cheaper yet quality option, this projector comes with a single HDMI port and struggles to produce enough bright output. Unless you plan to install it in a darker room, this product is definitely a must-buy!

Make Your Move

Everything from your movies, your favorite TV shows, sports, or video games feels better viewing on a 90” to 130” screen. In this guide, most of our hand-picked projectors are compatible with 4K content and do not burn a big hole in your pocket.

Do note that there is a significant difference in the viewing experience should you go for the Anker Prizm 2 and the CineBeam models. The lower-priced ones, for instance, do not offer 4K picture support, miss out on Dolby sounds, and offer images that just aren’t as sharp. That being said, if you are looking for a sturdy partner that can run HD videos for years, you got yourself a deal with the Anker Prizm 2.

Some are potable, some aesthetically designed, and some faring better in less lit room settings. We have listed the best projectors of 2019 and discussed their features to help you make the final purchase. Make the move – bring home the grand theater experience.


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