The only thing better than binge-watching television shows to relax and get entertained during summers, is watching them in their best format via your Home Projector. Not sure what to watch? The following is a list of running and upcoming shows that we feel will truly give an amped up viewing experience on a cinema-like quality display.

1)       Game of Thrones season 7


With two days remaining till the next season of the phenomenal fantasy show ‘Game of Thrones,’ the plot and the eventual fate of the characters is once again a fresh topic and hyped by everyone. We can honestly think of no better show that deserves to be watched on an expanded display, and we can only imagine how fantastic the action scenes and landscapes are going to look on a home projector. In the latest season, winter is finally here and the key actors are all set to begin the final battle for the throne. Of course, there will be unexpected surprises along the way, but more importantly, everyone will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see which one of their beloved characters is going to reach a dead end. The answers are almost here with one of the most anticipated returning series of the year.


2)      GLOW season 1

We’ve been seeing this show pop up often on our newsfeeds and other media sources recently, and we can see why. Glow is to females what Friday Night Lights was to men. The show stars Alison Brie as Ruth Wilder (who by the way looks unrecognizable due to her 80’s attire and hair) an aspiring actress who lands her star role in GLOW- the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Even though she is not skilled in the field, she makes up for it by her wit and intellect. The cast is engaging, with Marc Maron as the team’s hilarious producer, Betty Gilpin as the protagonist’s frenemy Debbie Eagan, and Sydelle Noel, who shines in the show as the trainer Cherry Bang. This show attracts the audience with its nostalgic costumes, hair and makeup, and is executed in a brilliant manner with the underlying theme of the show being women empowerment.

3)   The Defenders

Living in the era of superheroes and villains, one simply cannot own a home projector without viewing an action-packed superhero show. Netflix has been building up towards this show for a long, long time now, with fans unable to wait any longer for the final superhero assemble. In case you don’t already know, The Defenders is basically ‘The Avengers’ for television, and will team up Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist to defend the citizens of NYC against unspeakable evil. Side cast includes Sigourney Weaver, and with Marvel being best at what they do, this show will simply be a treat to watch on a cinema-like display. 

4)      Rick and Morty season 3

Moving on to something light; everyone is excited for the latest season (finally) of the adventures of the brilliant scientist Rick and Morty- his grandson. To keep the hype sustained, a ‘bait’ episode was released on April’s Fool’s day, after which there’s been no news. The latest episode saw Rick escaping the clutches of the Galactic Federation prison after saving his family, followed by a declaration that his character is going to be regarding McDonald’s Szechuan sauce. Crazy as it sounds, knowing Rick and Morty, one can never predict where the story line is going to lead towards. Either way, the show sure is entertaining and worth watching with your friends or family, sharing chuckles on the fun adventure.

5)      American Horror Story season 7


Ah, summer nights. Whether you want to set your home projector indoors or outdoors, you must have a chillingly creepy experience from watching a thriller horror themed show. With its sheer brilliance over the previous seasons keeping us excited for the next dose of nastiness from the outstanding cast, the next season’s theme has been unveiled as politics. Ryan Murphy- the show’s co-creator, has stated that the show will revisit the origins of some of the characters from Freak Show in season 4. Roanoke and Hotel both threw characters from different seasons into the mix so it doesn’t seem ridiculous for it to be done again in order to progress the dark story further. All we’ve seen so far from behind the scenes is a picture on the official twitter account of American Horror Story showing straw dolls from Roanoke in the stylings of Blair-Witch, against a backdrop of a peaceful view of the sea. We got chills just by looking at the image, so imagine the thrilling experience of watching the actual show through your device!

6)      Inhumans season 1

There’s more to the superhero horizon than The Defenders. Marvel’s latest project for television is Inhumans, which was previously slated by Marvel Studio as a movie, but is now being developed as a television show by FOX. Inhumans will explore and details on the life and times of Blackagar Boltagon or more commonly known as Black Bolt; a chap who chooses to stay quiet most of the time as he has the ability to bring down even the most formidable opponent with just a single whisper of his voice. The first look of the show is out, and is worth checking out when it arrives later this year.

7)      Archer


We can’t think of one theme that our personal favorite show doesn’t have. Run-ins with the Japanese? No problem. Getting chased by Irish assassins? Sure thing. Cybernetically mutated and enhanced operatives? You got it! As an outrageously hilarious parody of Mad Men and James Bond mixed with its own comedic style, Archer is simply one of the greatest shows on television, period. After the last season- Archer Vice, the sixth season transcends into classical spy territory. With Archer as a crime solving spy set in the 60s, the character is moving towards adult responsibility, with of course the usual shenanigans including Welsh separatists, kidnapping, Lana’s parents and much more. The jokes are on point and better than ever, and the stakes are higher. Archer is like watching a feature length movie with countless twists and turns, definitely a preferred choice for viewing on the big screen.

8)      Star Trek: Discovery season 1

After 6 various television shows and countless movies, we are still not tired of Star Trek which is evident from the fact that a new show is coming up in 2017, titled Star Trek: Discovery. It is sort of a prequel as the first season will be set 10 years prior to the original Star Trek series, set in the ‘Prime’ universe, instead of the ‘Kelvin’ universe after the reboot. What’s surprising this time though is that the main character of the franchise will not be the captain. Michael Burnham of The Walking Dead’s fame has been revealed as the leading character. The show has been delayed enough, with the original release set for January 2017. With Star Trek: Discovery, we can’t wait to head back into space this year and have a truly otherworldly intergalactic experience from the comfort of our homes.

9)      The Orville

Of course, no franchise is complete without Seth MacFarlane spoofing it up. Fans of Galaxy Quest and Star Trek need to check out the sci-fi comedy series from Seth MacFarlane- creator of Family Guy. The Orville is essentially a spoof of Star Trek, with MacFarlane starring as the lead role of the captain of the ship, Ed Mercer. Desperate to prove himself as worthy of commanding the ship, Ed tries to channel the magic and enigma of Kirk but fails hilariously at it. Things only get worse with the help of his right-hand man, First Officer Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki) who is also his ex-wife. With such a mix of eccentric characters on board, this is going to be one hell of a ride!

10)      House of Cards

With the political affairs of the country in a state of tension, perhaps you would like to get away from it all and immerse yourself into another political world. The world of House of Cards, which has been deemed as revolutionary in television land. No matter how you look at it, House of Cards is like a train-wreck which one cannot stop looking at. People have binged on all the episodes in one go, claiming that they just NEED to know what happens next, that much is the undeniable attraction of the show that sucks you in. Starring Kevin Spacey, the political saga revolves around Frank Underwood  and his ruthless pathway to power, with his accomplice and at times opposition- his ambitious and cold wife, Claire (played by Robin Wright).

11)      Stranger Things season 2


Set one year following the events of season one, Stranger Things Season 2 will further explore the time Will spends in the Upside Down along with the creeping supernatural phenomena that continue to plague Hawkins. The entire cast from the first season is returning, with some new faces. Fingers crosses for Millie Bobbie Brown making a comeback in some way as the telekinetic Eleven. With the internet spewed with fan theories, art, cosplay and what not, Stranger Things season 2 is not one to be missed!

12)      Grey’s Anatomy

Here is something for the ladies! Can’t have a home projector without hosting a sleepover with your friends, binging on what seems to be a staple now in every girl’s life at some point- Grey’s Anatomy. What started out as a mid-season replacement in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has swept the nation for years, entering now in its thirteenth season. At first it was perceived as a ER wannabe but Shonda Rhimes knew how to perfectly execute a balanced soap opera, weaving seamlessly personal growth, romantic hookups and complex emergency medical situations. Her multi-racial cast was frankly, groundbreaking, taken a step further with same gender couples, with one of the characters being the first bi-sexual on national television. The series has taken a lot of damage too in the last few years, but has remained strong despite the cast changes, the drama that happens behind the scenes, and emotional outbursts from loyal fans who couldn’t handle McDreamy’s (Patrick Dempsey) death. The show has an undeniable magic to it, which is obviously why the show is still successful after all this time. Whether you are nostalgic for your high school days or simply a devoted follower of the series, if comfort food was a tv show, it would be Grey’s Anatomy.

13)      Gilmore Girls

Wrapping up our list is another family favorite. For a couple of generations, the original show will always be a beloved memory. Nobody will forget the first time they ever watched this show and how the saw Lorelai (played by Lauren Graham) and her daughter Rory (Alexis Bedel) go through their daily trials and tribulations. With the add-on of Emily, the family matriarch, the show was the truest portrayal of three generations of empowered women. Whether you watch this show with your mother or with your teenage daughter, you are sure to feel closer and the assurance of a sacred bond. Not only that, but the show is equally entertaining; with pop culture references and witty dialogue, Rory and Lorelai feel just like your best friends. The icing on this wonderful cake is the heart warming love stories! The characters Luke and Lorelai are considered till today one of the greatest on-screen love stories. Even today’s generation is fully aware and debating on who Rory should have ended up with. With the show’s revival this year, titled ‘A Year in the life,’ it is mesmerizing to take a trip down memory lane and visit your friends living in Stars Hollow again.

That’s it for our run down of the top television shows you must absolutely watch on your Home Projector. Of course, there are a million other titles out there, but there’s something for everyone on here.


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