Sony Releases Special PS4 20th Anniversary Edition

Video gaming has emerged to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the modern world. The rapid development in graphics and technology has made gaming an immersive experience for many.

The world of gaming is so vast that there is something for everybody out there. You might like to play action games, strategy games, or simple simulation games. As you browse through the vast collection of games available at your disposal, you will definitely find something that appeals to you. Companies are coming out new games every other day, and all you have to do is keep an eye out.

An integral part of gaming is to choose the medium using which you want to play the games. While some people still prefer to use the PC, others have shifted to gaming consoles. You should be aware that some games are released exclusively for the PC, while some are meant to be played on different consoles. Playing a game on a PC is still an excellent option because it gives you a certain amount of flexibility. However, it seems like the future of gaming lies in the different consoles that have hit the market over the year. Whether you are an Xbox fan or a PlayStation loyalist, you have to acknowledge that the emergence of consoles has made gaming simpler.

When Sony released their first PlayStation more than two decades back, nobody had expected the product to shoot up in popularity so fast. It replaced the old glitchy consoles and paved the way for the modern gaming world. Today, the PS4 is dominating the markets worldwide. Moreover, Sony has released special editions of the PlayStation multiple times over the years to celebrate some occasion or the other.

The release:

About five years ago, PlayStation celebrated their 20 year anniversary in the gaming community, and it was only expected that they would come out with a special edition of their in-demand product to celebrate the occasion. While you definitely do not need to buy another console if you already have one, collectors and fanatics love to scoop up these limited editions. With most releases, you can pop into Sony store and check the model out in case you are unsure about whether you want to buy it or not. However, this model is already 5 years old and the only way you will be able to get your hands on it is if you look up willing sellers online. Moreover, it was not even put in stores at the time of the launch because of the limited production.

Special PS4

The collector editions are designed to capture the design of the original product while adding that something extra.

To celebrate the PlayStation‘s 20th anniversary, Sony decided to celebrate by coming out with a limited-edition PS4 which will soon be unavailable in the market. It comes in the “Original Grey” shade which also happened to the color of the very first console that was released by Sony, making it clear that this is meant to be a tribute to the original PlayStation. The model is being set up for sale all over the world, but the catch is that there are only 12,300 limited editions to be sold. The limited number echoes the original PlayStation’s launch date, which was 3rd December 1994.



Sony decided to go all out for their PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition and take care of all the little details which can make a huge difference. The model comes with a matching grey controller and even a camera. In an effort to be meticulous and be flawless in their design, Sony was completist in its color choice. All the accessories that come with the PS4 are grey, including the cables. Moreover, all of them are the same shade of grey.

No matter how critical you are, you will find it difficult to nitpick Sony’s detailing for this special edition. It has the original PlayStation logo with its four-color pattern. The logo has PlayStation button symbols etched across it. The edition comes with a special vertical stand which will allow you to manipulate the position of your console. You could get the entire bundle packed in a commemorative box which was a nod to the 20th anniversary milestone.

Functionally, no changes have been made to the PlayStation 4. You will be able to use it just as before. However, some fans are disappointed that the special edition does not come with an added feature which will allow you to load up games from the original PlayStation. The PS4 does not come with that provision, and this model follows suit. Considering that this edition is supposed to be a tribute to the original PlayStation, it is ironic that it will not allow you to play those golden titles again. What makes it worse is that Sony has put up plenty of retro titles as digital downloads and they are available for use, just not on the PS4.

What else?

As part of the 20 years celebration, Sony also created a special 20th Anniversary Edition of the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller as well. It has the distinctive Original Grey color scheme as well, and it will team up beautifully with the PS4 model. It came with the colorful PlayStation family logo and was sold as limited stock. The DualShock 4 had all its usual controls, and the color scheme was the only aspect of it that changed completely.

All the special edition consoles came with a numbered badge to signify where it belonged in the serial sequence of 12,300 units. Sony made a conscious decision of not putting up the 20th Anniversary Edition up for sale in offline stores because they knew that the stocks would run out very fast. The price of the edition was marked at €499 in Europe. The price in the United States varied between 1500 to 2000 dollars.

If you want to get your hands on the editor, you might have to scour online websites.


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