Samsung Unveils Zero-Bezel 8K TV at CES 2020

Samsung was rumored to release a bezel-less TV this year at CES. With the mega event coming to an end on January 10, Samsung did fulfill its promise by awing us all! The Samsung Q950 was back this year with a completely new form and a series of advanced features.

It's really a bezel-less TV as Samsung had put it, with 99% of the front made up of sheer viewing pleasure. Let's find out more about the new innovation that puts Samsung once again as the leader in TV technology.

The Bezel-Less Samsung Q950 8K QLED TV

We are slowly getting used to the idea of bezel-less screens thanks to smartphone manufacturers. The whole idea is cutting the clutter around the screen so that you are left with a big screen for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Samsung has touted the idea for about a year, and that gave rise to the rumors we all have been hearing about. The company is still pushing strong for 8K TVs, even though 8K content is very scarce. In CES 2020, Samsung has almost made it irresistible to own their Q950, which can be called the first bezel-less TV in the world.

Featuring Samsung's Infinity Design, you can get an unmatched TV experience by watching the TV from 10-15 feet away. The front of the TV is as expected, 99% pure picture and nothing else! All you can see is the massive screen with a really thin border running along the bottom.

Samsung will sell the TVs in 65-inches, 75-inches, 82-inches, and 98-inches. The TV without bezels is just 15mm thick and can mount on any wall or media stand.

Coupled with 8K, the Q950 provides an immersive viewing experience. The TV itself looks gorgeous and enhances the decor of any living room and space. Once you get a glimpse of how the Q950 looks, you are certainly not going to forget it.

Samsung's zero-bezel TV has quite a few other selling points. Let's check out the advanced features that come will come with the new version of Q950.

Quantum Processor 8K

Samsung's Quantum Processor 8K with AI has got some serious upscaling capabilities. The processor can upscale any content to 8K for improved picture quality. The advanced algorithm not only improves picture quality but also creates a realistic image on the screen. Fine details are also not missed out as the processor upscales the content pixel-by-pixel.

Local Power Distribution Strategy

Last year, Samsung was working on improving viewing angles and blacks. Having done that successfully, the company has turned its attention towards enhancing brightness and fine details in the new Q950.

The results are quite convincing, as we found out in the CES. The TV used the Array Local Dimming (FALD) system to optimize brightness. This year, the system has received an upgrade facilitated by Samsung's new Local Power Distribution approach.

The system channels power from the black areas on the screen to the bright areas for the best picture. Samsung said the technology enables them to achieve 20% more brightness without increasing the power consumption.

The processor and power distribution add a sharpness to the picture without seeming unrealistic. Details like shades of clouds and the green in leaves take on greater depth and detail for ultimate viewing pleasure.

AI ScaleNet

Samsung has introduced the AI ScaleNet technology for the seamless delivery of 8K content. The technology can display 8K content on bandwidths suitable for 4K. That means you will be able to watch all the streaming services with 4K bandwidth in 8K from now on.

Samsung's AI ScaleNet compresses 8K source to 4K resolution and delivers the content over the internet. The AI then again upscales content to 4K resolution for better picture quality.

Adaptive Picture+ Mode

Samsung's Q950 adjusts to the lighting conditions in the room automatically. The TV always provides a clear and coherent picture even if you switch on or off the lights. It's more than tweaking the brightness and actually adapts the picture to lighting for the best results. This will also make HDR grades more viewable, even in brightly-lit rooms.

Amazing Sound Experience

Samsung has made efforts to ensure there are no compromises in the sound department. The TV provides an immersive audio experience by using OTS+ (Object Tracking Sound). The technology distributes sounds to different speakers based on the movements on the screen. You can enjoy a full 5.1 surround setup using only the eight speakers of the TV.

Along with Adaptive Picture+, you also get Adaptive Sound+ in Q950. The TV automatically adjusts the volume based on the ambient noise.

The Q950 is also compatible with Samsung's 2020 Q-series soundbars through the Q-Symphony concept. The soundbars complement the speakers of the TV in creating a rich and immersive soundscape.

Is It the Right Time to Buy an 8K TV?

 If we did have to buy an 8K TV, we surely would go for the Samsung Q950. It provides an immersive audio-visual experience with greater details and quality. You can upscale any content to 8K using the TV's native technology and even optimize 4K bandwidths for 8K viewing.

The Q950 has got all the bells and whistles if you can afford the price! It's surely going to be priced very high, going by the current prices of 8K TVs in the market. But is it wise to buy an 8K TV right now?

If you look around, you will see very less 8K content. You may find a few videos here and there and only one or two streaming services that telecast in 8K. So we guess we have to give the 8K ecosystem a bit more time to come up with enough content. Maybe that will happen in a year or two, going by the progress of the 8K industry.

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