There are a few surprises with OLED TVs and HDMI Over IP Matrix, as there were before. They are far more durable today, and you have fewer dead pixels to worry about over time.

While a change in burn-in rates has been a welcome move, OLED TVs are now adding more features apart from screen quality.  

The M4 series of OLED TVs, for instance, features connectivity and is the latest innovation in home entertainment technology announced by LG on 3rd January 2024. 

The 4K OLED with self-lightning pixel technology and ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution is a unique work of art and LG’s vision for the future of TV.

The latest LG innovation is more focused on convenience for consumers. It emphasizes aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

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What Makes OLED 65 a Smart Choice for You?

LED OLEX TVs are unlike anything else and are capable of extreme realism with unique designs. LG is now more focused on developing personalized experiences for everyone. For that, they are offering various tailored solutions and services.

65-Inch Model- An Expanding Capability

Now, the 65-inch model in the M4 series is a noteworthy expansion. The M4 model is available in 97, 83, and 77-inches. An addition of its 65-inch new model makes it more affordable for ordinary users of HDMI extenders/transmitters.  

It reflects LG’s intent to cater to a wide range of customers beyond high-end users.

Wireless Connectivity

The new LG M4 series in OLED TV is combined with the latest approach to connectivity. Usually, the game consoles and streaming boxes are tethered directly to the TV through HDMI cables. 

But, the M4 series introduces a new wireless solution similar to Wireless HDMI Extenders that connects devices to a separate box. It can be placed up to 30m away from the TV and can transmit audio and video signals wirelessly at full bandwidth without any delay. You only need a single wire to power the TV.  

It brings the benefit of quickly placing the TVs at any previously considered impractical location. 

The OLED M4 is the most popular TV in the world, and it has wireless video and audio transmission up to 4K 144Hz for 4Kx2K wireless HDMI users. Now, there is no requirement for unnecessary connected cables. Get rid of the clutter of wires and enjoy a cleaner and more immersive viewing experience.


LG’s latest technological AI processor is the heart of all its innovations, which boosts its performance four times more than the previous models. It contributes to more vibrant and better lifelike picture quality, pushing new boundaries in home entertainment.

The Alpha-11 processor has been introduced in the new LG OLED models like the LG Signature OLED M4 and LG OLED G4. The processor offers a 70% improved graphic performance and a 30% faster processing speed. 

In these latest models, like LG OLED 65 inch and other sizes, the AI prowess is not just limited to processing powers. By upgraded AI scaling, LG OLED TVs can analyze images at a pixel level to enhance clarity and vibrancy. This brings a new level of detail to every scene.

AI Sound Pro Feature 

Get ready for an immersive experience with the new AI Sound Pro feature that is a great addition to HDMI Digital Audio Extractor. Apart from fantastic picture quality, the new OLED models offer rich and full audio.    

The TV’s built-in speakers create a virtual 11.1.2 surround sound environment. The AI sound technology improves the audio of any content and brings more clarity to the dialogues. The emphasis on audio quality and video enhancements suggests LG’s holistic approach to home entertainment.

Ultimate Gaming Solutions

The new LG TV models feature the latest gaming advantages. They offer a 4k 144Hz refresh rate, HDMI 2.1, support for NVIDIA G-SYNC®, and AMID Free Sync. to enhance your seamless and engaging gaming experience.

Considering the diverse needs of the users, the LG new models offer the Game Optimizer feature to allow easy switching between display presets for different genres.

Integration with WebOS

LG’s motive is to deliver the best user experience. Integrating with the latest webOS allows users to create various individual profiles. They can customize home screens and tailor the content based on preferences. 

All these personalized settings require minimal effort. It also lets you preview the recently watched content, which helps you access information about recently used apps and videos.

Personalization is enhanced with voice recognition and seamless connectivity with smart home devices, like 8x8 HDMI 2.0 Matrix switchers.   

The latest LG TVs support Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast. Users can cast content from their mobiles or other devices to the ultra-large screen.

Additional Features

You get various accessibility features in the upgraded LG OLED model which is also available in 65 inches. These are available in the Quick Card Accessibility section. So, all the features, including remote control tutorials, services designed for people with disability, and chatbot service help, are available on the home screen.

Pair LG OLED TVs with LG soundbars via. WOWCAST to experience home entertainment with three-dimensional audio immersion.

Overall, the success and adoption of 4x4 HDMI matrix HDR and LG OLED MP4 will hinge on innovation and affordability.  

The prices for the updated LG models in 2024 have not yet been announced. In 2023, the LG M3 77-inch model cost $5000, and the LG M3 83-inch model price was $8000. However, the new 65-inch LG OLED model will undoubtedly be cheaper and more affordable.

The new LG M4 series is expected to have the brightest OLED TV panel powered by MLA and offers the best picture quality. The largest 97-inch model in the M4 series lacks the MLA feature and does not offer a similar brightness level.

Users not looking for wireless connectivity can also opt for the LG G4 series, which has a similar MLA panel to deliver the best image quality.


By blending the unparalleled visual quality of OLED technology with wireless HDMI 4k transmitters and receivers, the LG M4 series has taken a bold step forward. Currently, it seems meant for the high-end market but is expected to be affordable by ordinary users; once it discloses the prices of the 65-inch model,

It will surely pave the way for new standards in how people interact with their home entertainment systems.



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