LED Video Walls- A Quick Guide

Now, video walls aren’t exactly new. You have seen them over the years in outdoors screens. However, it’s only recently that the tech has been upgraded for indoor LED video walls to work. Today, from enthralling passionate supporters in stadiums to adding value to a business enterprise, LED video walls are a great way to reach out to your audience.   

Does your business need one too? Let’s find out.

What Exactly is an LED Video Wall? 

An LED video wall is a large display which comprises several small LED screens. For businesses, they offer flexibility in usage as you can install them both indoors or outdoors. The diodes present in the screens conduct and emit their light thereby increasing the quality of content on the large display. 

Different Types of LED Video Walls 

LED video walls come in two different variants. Each variant is marked by a set of unique and discrete characteristics.   

  1. Direct-View LED Video Walls- These are normal LED displays where image is produced without requiring any polarized glass. The diodes are placed in a tapered manner because of which they can be mounted in curved, ceiling and freestanding ways. They are most suited for outdoor purposes although latest innovations have made them suitable for indoor use as well. Besides, the constituting LED screens allow you to select high pixels pitches so that you get the best quality image.  


  • Highly Reliable- These screens are highly ruggedized and can tolerate different temperature variations. 

  • Superlative Brightness- Because of a great pixel impact, the brightness can be face-melting. 

  • Coherent Experience- With high brightness, lack of bezels, and easy installation, these walls are the best in terms of user experience.  

  1. Indoor LED Video Wall- Due to the leverage provided in terms of resolution, sizes, and shapes, indoor LED video walls are becoming popular among different business houses to contest stiff competition and standardize operations. In these displays, the diodes have lesser spaces between them. Also, they offer smaller pixel pitch that lets you enjoy quality images from shorter distances.  


  • Short Distance Viewability- Whatever content you wish to project on the video wall, it can be viewed from a shorter distance without compromising on quality. 

  • Effective Design- These cater to the interest of all segments through effective design. Their Ultra-slim design is perfect for spaces that have limited space available. 

Prior Considerations 

Before installing an LED video all, it is important to work out the modalities in terms of technology and requirements. Looking to buy one? Here are a few things to note.

  • Location 

  • Maintenance 

  • Image quality 

  • Implementation in available space 


Why LED Video Walls? 

When it comes to large displays, you have two in-principle choices to choose from, either LCD or LED. Both of them are composed of different types of constituting screens with completely different dynamics and so there ought to be a difference in terms of cost, power, quality, and the like. Here are some reasons why you should go for LED video walls.  


  • Picture Quality- LED video walls offer a better picture quality as compared to their counterparts. They are equipped with different technologies like local dimming and full array back-lit displays that offers better contrast and color accuracy. Also, the flexible pixel density lets you enjoy high-quality pictures even from shorter distances.  


  • Power Consumption-  LED screens use diodes which are energy efficient and consume less power. On the contrary, the power requirements are greater in case of LCD walls. The reason being that the constituting screens leverage conventional cathode ray tube technology for backlighting. 

  • Size- In LED screens, the light emitting diodes used are much smaller in size as compared to fluorescent lamps used in LCDs. Besides, these diodes are lined up at the edge of the screens instead of the back. Both these factors contribute to the enhanced slimness that LED video walls are known for.  

  • Seamlessness- LCDs have bezels present in them. This limits their ability to deliver content without line breaks and glitches. On the other hand, LED panels can be tilted to a greater extent since bezels are absent. This results in the formation of a seamless video without snags that optimizes your experience.  


  • Brightness- LED tiles are lightweight and brighter than LCDs. Besides, they also provide better contrast and less heat dissipation.  


One area where LCD walls outperform their counterparts, is cost. They are usually less expensive. But, in terms of durability and performance, they offer a limited advantage.  

Where Are Video Walls Used? 

Video walls have broken the shackles of time. While earlier their use was limited to the flamboyant casinos and shopping malls, you can easily find them in different places and different sizes. 

  • Stadiums 

  • Airports

  • Entertainment venues 

  • Control rooms 

  • Television studios 

  • Business Marketing 

  • Educational Institutions 

  • Armed Forces Operations 

Why Should You Use a Video Wall?

Video walls have evolved from just a means of display to a centerpiece of attraction and business operations. Here are some reasons why you should consider using them.

  • Less Maintenance: Though they look large, video walls are much easier to manage and maintain as compared to separate screens. Other display options like projectors may ask for frequent hardware replacements.

  • Clearer Pictures: Since a large number of high resolution screens are put together, it offers a better pixel range. This ensures delivery of even the minutest of details in sublime picture quality.

  • Various Layout Patterns: Video walls provide various mounting and display options. They can be arranged in abstract geometric patterns like vertical and horizontal. Besides, they can be installed in a curved setup as well. 

  • Various Content Tools: The content to be displayed on a video wall can be given different creative patterns with the help of various backend tools. Moreover, these tools are easy to understand and operate.


For businesses, LED video walls are effective and can be categorized as an effective investment that has a ripple effect on profits. 

What seems like a giant combination of small LED screens is one of the most sophisticated innovations to date. From size to internal dynamics, LED video walls seem set to revolutionize critical aspects like education and entertainment.

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