Leaked Design of the iPhone 2019 Labelled ‘Ugly’

2019 is set to be an exciting year for technology, and we cannot wait to see what companies like Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus come up with.

The year has already seen some major smartphone releases. While some of them have been very successful, others have been a flop. The highly anticipated Galaxy Fold turned out to be a disappointment when early users found it to be easily breakable and difficult to use. Samsung has now taken it upon itself to correct their mistakes before the final launch. On the other hand, OnePlus came out with what could possibly be one of the most powerful smartphones of the year. The OnePlus 7 Pro received fairly positive reviews, in spite of being more expensive than its predecessors.

However, the attention has already turned to Apple’s upcoming new smartphones, which will possibly be the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R.

Why is Apple the centre of attention?

Apple has set industry standards for smartphone designs over a decade now. Considered to be one of the top tier technology brands in the world, Apple has revolutionized the way we see devices in our everyday life. As a result, the brand has managed to build a loyal customer base that includes millions of people worldwide.

A company like Apple, in its journey to the top, creates a lot of expectations. Users who swear by iPhones tend to build up their hopes every time a new launch is on the horizon because they cannot wait to find out what their favorite company has in store for them.

Design of the iPhone

Apple, for the most part, tries not to disappoint users. They may not have new launches very frequently, but they only release tried and tested products when they finally do. The iPhone has undergone a significant amount of changes since the first phone in the series came out. The technology behind each phone has become more advanced, and the changes have reflected in the display quality, the camera, and the interface. Moreover, the build of the phone is also not constant with Apple trying out different sizes in order to compete with the other brands in the market.

The launch of the iPhone 11 has created a lot of hype after Apple replaced its iPhone X model with three brand new launches. Users cannot wait to get their hands on the new model and upgrade to the next model, as most dedicated Apple users tend to do with a fresh launch.

What are the ‘leaks’?

However, there is some disappointing news floating around, much to the dismay of the company and Apple users. 'Trusted sources in China' leaked a few photos of the iPhone 2019, and the response to the images has mostly been mixed. However, most people seem to agree that the design is rather ugly, which is a strong adjective. It might seem a bit harsh to call the phone ugly even before it hits the market, but online communities have not taken kindly to this new design.

Apple users are divided on whether they like the layout of the phone or not, but nothing can be said for definite until the company reveals the final design. There have been further leaks about the iPhone 11 design which reinforced the idea that this upcoming smartphone is going to have a triple camera lens that will be laid out in a square. It is this square camera layout which has captured the attention of the community and triggered the issue further. Apple fans cannot decide whether the square layout is suitable for their beloved iPhones. One of the main reasons why Apple smartphones are so appreciated everywhere is their clean and sophisticated appearance, and users find the new layout rather ugly.

The several leaks which have gone over the trio’s new designs and features in length have given us a clear idea of what to expect and what not to expect.

The iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max are supposed to have similar designs as the iPhone XS series phones on the front side while the back will have the infamous new triple-lens camera array. The new camera setup, as unappealing as it might be, is supposed to be color-matched to the back of the phone. Previously, the camera space in the iPhones has always been black.

Design of the iPhone

Recent picture leaks of the new sets of iPhone 11 case designs indicate that Apple might be going ahead with the aforementioned camera layout style, and online communities are finding it to be a rather controversial decision. The original leak site is SonnyDickson.com, and the website assures that their sources are reliable. The leaked pictures reveal the device dimensions for both the 'iPhone XI' and 'iPhone XI Max' models. Both of them have the necessary room for a square camera area.

There have been several other rumors about the square camera lens design. Some users are against the idea of believing in online rumors and drawing conclusions from them. However, the supporters of the rumors maintain that the case manufacturers get the information about the design of the new iPhone well in advance so they can get a head start in making standard iPhone cases. Hence, there is no reason to believe that the leaks are definitely fake.

What to expect?

However, one has to remember that Apple has not confirmed any of the rumors. They have not yet come up with a statement denying or affirming these ideas. So, it will not be possible to know anything for sure until the company makes official announcements about the launch. It is suspected that Apple will make the final announcements regarding the iPhones 2019 sometime around September, which means that users will have to wait a little while longer. It is worth noting though, that the source websites have been accurate about future iPhone designs in the past.

As users, we can look forward to improved power and speed from the new phones. Moreover, the 'ugly' triple camera layout promises to enhance the camera experience even further.


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