The AirMedia wireless presentation solutions from Crestron is undergoing a major enhancement. The leading workplace technology provider announced the update for AM-200 and AM-300 systems designed with AirMedia 2.0 technology.

The new enhancement promises to offer a simple user interface and 'out-of-the-box' integration with Crestron AirBoard whiteboard capture system. Users will also be able to take advantage of quick connection through all operating systems.

AirMedia 2.0 is fast and easy to use. It's highly manageable and comes with strong security to prevent any misuse of sensitive content. The new AM series helps companies collaborate by allowing multiple users to share the screen and increase their workflow. You can convert any office space, sitting area or lobby into an ideal meeting zone without any need of Wi-Fi networks or dongles.

The presentation systems can easily fit behind wall-mounted TVs or monitors and don't even need a table! You can use wired or wireless methods to conduct the presentation based on your needs. AirMedia 2.0 offers network security and deployment and management via cloud.

You can also use iOS and Android screen mirroring without the need for any additional accessories. The advanced features make AirMedia 2.0 one of the best enterprise-grade wireless presentation systems.

The New Items on the List

Crestron has made some significant changes to its platform to make it more efficient and productive. Let's take a look at the new features that will come along the AM-200 and AM-300.

Crestron AirBoard Integration

Crestron AirBoard whiteboard capture system will now run natively on the wireless presentation systems. You don't need to do any programming with built-in support for AirBoard.



The solution is one of a kind providing both local and remote participants opportunity to do a presentation together. Each user can see the whiteboard content on their devices and the meeting room display.

Anyone also can share content with the touch of a button.

Simple User Interface

The new user interface allows you to connect to AirMedia in seconds so that you can get to work quickly. The AirMedia receiver automatically tracks the web browser and whether you have the AirMedia app installed.

The AirMedia app will automatically launch if you have it installed on your device. You then just need to enter your security code. If you don't have the app, the system will detect the right app for your device.

Users also get on-screen display of instructions for setting up the connection.

Deployment and Management through Cloud

You can deploy, configure and manage AirMedia 2.0 from the cloud using its network-based technology. The mobile app can be installed on laptops and smart devices across the organization using the built-in web application or Crestron XiO Cloud service.

The admin can control user access rights, firmware updates and other tasks remotely.

Quick Connection



Crestron has added an extension for Google Chrome making it a versatile choice. Now you can easily connect AirMedia with most of the popular operating systems.

Users are also free to stand or sit anywhere in the room and can easily connect with the display irrespective of their operating system. You also don't need to worry about your Wi-Fi speed as AirMedia 2.0 has the lowest latency and bandwidth.

All About AirMedia 2.0

Crestron launched its next-generation AirMedia 2.0 wireless presentation technology in ISE 2018. With the new enhancements, it becomes the most user-friendly and intuitive wireless technologies out there.

One big USP of AirMedia 2.0 is its strong security. Most presentation systems come with a wireless access point and leave sensitive content vulnerable to potential threats or breaches. But AirMedia uses advanced security measures such as user authentication, network access control, 802.1x, 128-bit encryption, HTTPS, SSL, TLS, and SSH.

AirMedia also safeguards your content in other ways. Many people don't disconnect their devices from the presentation system when they leave the room. The data remains visible on the display for anyone to see who enters the room. But AirMedia automatically disconnects all devices to reduce any chances of a data leak.

You can always be sure that your company content remains safe away from prying eyes!

AirMedia 2.0 allows a company to save time by getting down to business quickly. The technology offers an intuitive, simple and reliable user experience. You can smoothly operate the native device app, guest app, and network-deployed app without any problem.

The wireless presentation technology is also known for its graphical accuracy. Any keyboard or mouse movement are tracked in real time without any lags. Videos play without any hiccups no matter you are using a computer or a mobile.

AirMedia can be integrated with a calendar solution to access meeting details and room availability. You can create a seamless experience for everyone enabling them to stay on the same page.

Crestron's AM-200 Deal

There is good news for people who own the AM-100 and AM-101. You can exchange your existing system with AM-200 and get 70% off on the MSRP. Even people with other brands of advanced presentation systems can take advantage of the offer.

The State of Wireless Presentation Systems

Not just AirMedia, but wireless presentation systems as a whole is becoming more popular. The technology helps offices get rid of clutter and messy wires through wireless connectivity. It doesn't only make your meeting more productive, but also leaves a better impression on everyone.

With the rise of BYOD, wireless presentation systems are turning a new leaf in collaboration. Thanks to solutions like AirMedia 2.0, now you can even give and participate in a presentation while taking a vacation in a coastal town.

Wireless presentation systems like AirMedia doesn't need additional connections, furniture or setup. You don't need to wait for a meeting room and even the C-suite executives can use their office rooms for the purpose.


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