It is no longer difficult for you to convert and Extended HDMI signal over HD-SDI / Coaxial RG59 cable upto 100m/328ft away at FULL 1080p uncompressed signal.

Brightlink’s HDMI to HD-SDI  converter / Extender Set  can send full 1080p uncompressed signal (1080p, 1080i, 720p, 720i, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i) upto 100m/328ft away over HD-SDI / Coaxial RG59 cable (BNC connectors required on Coaxial cable ends). Using the SX-HSD1 as the transmitter and the SX-SDH1 as the receiver you can input any HDMI devices to the SX-HSD1 transmitter and convert it HD-SDI and send it over Coaxial / RG59 cable to the SX-SDH1 receiver which will convert it back to HDMI signal and connect to you HD display. 

These converter / extenders are made from high quality materials and are ideal for professional installers as well as people installing home theaters systems who want to ensure flawless crisp signals and guaranteed durability

As well they offers HD video solution for, Casinos, Sports Bars, Super Markets, Shopping Malls, Churches, Data Control centre, Conference rooms, Education and training, Luxury houses, Home theatres or anywhere you need a solution for your signal or multiple HD Display set up over long distances.

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