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Brightlink 32 x 28 Modular HDMI Matrix-1080P with HDCP-v 1.4 (32 Sources to 28 Display)

Brightlink 8 x 36 Modular HDMI Matrix-1080P with HDCP-v 1.4 (8 Sources to 36 Display)

Brightlink 36 x 36 Modular HDMI Matrix-1080P with HDCP-v 1.4 (36 Sources to 36 Display)

This Matrix Switcher provides intuitive management of several sources of output to several displays.  For a full set of features, please refer to the User Manual.


•  †††††Remote control
•  HDCP compliant—————————————————————
•  Supports RS232 pass-through
•  HDMI Matrix Switcher with LCD
•  Free 7" andriod tablet with Control software
•  Includes Portable Application for easy set-up
•  Variable gain technology enables gain level adjustment
•  Expandable upto 40 inputs & 40 outputs (additional modules required)
•  Supports Point-to-Point, Point-to-Many and Many-to-Many network con­figuration
•  Works with any one of these modules, HDMI, DVI, RGB, SDI, or VGA, in any combination—
•  Relationship/interconnectivity settings between Input and Output channels can be saved and recalled


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Brightlink 36 x 36 HDMI Matrix Switcher with LCD display and WIFI app control

(Free 7" Andriod Tablet with Control Software included)

Easily manage Many-to-Many configuration for multiple sources-to-multiple displays with this Brightlink HDMI Matrix Switcher.

This Brightlink HDMI Matrix Switcher enables up to 36 HDMI video inputs to be routed up to 36 HDMI outputs via HDMI cable.  It can be one input to one output, or one input to all outputs, or any combination.

This Matrix Switcher can be used at Casinos, Sports Bars, Super Markets, Shopping Malls, Churches, Data Control Centers, Conference Rooms, Education and Training facilities, Custom Home Theatres or any application requiring multiple HD sources to multiple HD display set-ups.

This Brightlink HDMI Matrix Switcher contains a high performance and variable gain technology processor.  Circuit buffering circuits and frequency compensation ensures signal clarity and transmission stabilization, especially over longer transmission distances.  The Matrix Switcher is equipped with short circuit protection, LCD display, embedded intelligent system, RS232 port, RJ-45 port and various intelligent remote control compatibility. This matrix comes set at 110v for North American Standards but can easily be switched to 220v for international customers. This matrix can be used with one of our many HDMI extenders over HDBaset, Cat5/6, IP, HD-SDI / Coaxial RG59, and even Fibre optic. Here are our best selling: SX-EH100SX-EX12SX-EF20SX-EX11SX-EX60-3DIREX-EX24HSD1-SDH1-SET

Items Included:

With your Matrix Switcher you will receive:
•  Instruction CD x1
•  Power Adapter x1
•  Matrix Switcher x1
•  Operation Manual x1
•  RS232 Serial Cable x1

Control Options:
•  Remote control
•  Software control via spliced LCD
•  Control panel on the front of matrix
•  WIFI control through andriod app (see diagram below)
•  Software control via RS232 (details are stated in the manual)


Each Matrix comes with a FREE 7" andriod tablet pre-loaded with control software for easy switching of inputs and outputs over your WIFI network.  ***Wifi Router not included

brightlink matrix

These modular matrix can work with any one of our plug and play modules, like HDMI, DVI, RGB, SDI, or VGA, in any combination like the picture below:


brightlink 32x32 hdmi modular matrix multi setup


Compatible with
HDMI1.4, HDCP2.2, DVI1.0
Gain 0dB
Pixel bandwidth 225MHx, full digital
Interface bandwidth 3.25Gbps, full digital
Max. resolution Normal-PC: 1600x1200@60_24bit
HDPC:          1920x1200@60_24bit
HDTV:           1920x1080@60
Clock jitter <0.15Tbit
Rise time <0.3Tbit (20-80%)
Fall time <0.3Tbit (20-80%)
Max. propagation delay 5ns (±1ns)
Switch speed 200ns
Signal strength T.M.D.S. ±0.4Upp
Min./Max. level T.M.D.S., 2.9V/3.3V
Impedance Difference 50Ω
Input EDID EDID Field Re-writeable
Control Interface RS-232, 9-pin female D connector
Baud rate and protocol Baud rate: 9600, Data bits: 8, Stop bits: 1, no parity
Interface HDMI-A female
Size (Inch) 16 x 16 Case:  19”W  x  6”H x 11”D                             32 x 32 Case:  19”W  x  12”H x 11”D
Power Max.: 25W
Power supply 110V North American or 220V International
Storage temperature -20°C-70°C
Humidity 10%-90%

Terms / Conditions

Shipping is $35 (USD) to anywhere in the USA; allow seven to ten (7-10) business days for your item to be delivered. Please contact for international shipping cost and transit times. This set comes with 2-YEAR FREE WARRANTY on Parts and Labor.

In the event of malfunctions or an inoperative switch, we will pay for the shipping cost both ways. Keep ordering information to expedite the return process. For international customers you will be responsible for the return shipping cost back to the manufacture. 

Additional Documentation

Detailed RS232 and software set-up are in the User Manual.

Brightlink HDMI Matrix Switcher Quick Guide

STEP 1:  INSTALL the HDMI Matrix Switcher in a well ventilated area, ensuring the side panels are clear.

STEP 2:  ENSURE the input sources (such as Blu-ray player) is turned OFF prior to connection to avoid system damage.

STEP 3:  CONNECT the HDMI input sources to the Matrix Switcher via HDMI cable.  Also connect the output to the Matrix Switcher via HDMI cable.

STEP 4:  POWER UP all units: Matrix Switcher, sources and displays.

STEP 5:  CONTROL the matrix switcher by the panel to perform switching,  OR by the software via RS232 (details are included in the User Manual).

STEP 6 TEST the units' operation by selecting the Input and Output via computer/control panel, ensuring that the correct signal is displayed.

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